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Topic : 07/2018: DELTAGOM PHOTOVOLTAIC PLANT Date : 02/07/2018

It is with great satisfaction that we announce to our customers  the entry into operation of our new 100 kW PHOTOVOLTAIC PLANT, which will guarantee zero-environmental impact production of part of the energy currently consumed.

Even if it is only “a drop in the ocean“ Deltagom wants to do its part by giving its contribution to an environmentally sustainable planet.This “ green” production added to other devices always present in our production cycles (total water recycling for the cooling of the machinery, low consumption motors, smoke filtration system always checked and in an optimal state of operation, total waste differentiation and delivery to specialized centers for the recovery of the same) we are sure that this can be an environmental policy shared by our customers in respect of the environment,  that can favour the choice of

Deltagom as a friend of the planet and of the future generations, while still keeping competitiveness, quality and service.

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